Hey, guys!
First, I know I haven’t posted for a while and that’s why I’m here to apologize to you all, my computer is broken but I’ll probably get a new one by the end of this month and I’ll be back, don’t forget me, y’all! I still have the Tumblr app on my phone, so you can ask me things if you want to and you can find my Twitter account in the blog’s description.
Second, thank you so much for everyone who is following me, I like being here and posting my stuff and everyone has been so receptive and nice with me in such a short amount of time - not even a year yet!
And last, I know I’m late but I wish a great year for everyone and I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve. That’s it, guys.
Take care.

James Franco on His Roast @ Late Show with David Letterman. (x)

jimxpam whispered: what's ur twitter? follow me @iAccolic :) i'll follow back :) (I love James Franco, lol :) thanks so much! ily

You can find me at @rrobbstark! I’m following you, babe.

b-a-s-t-e-t whispered: Adivinha quem é, Lucs.

Socorro. Eu acho que sei, quem é?